Freeze Dried Whole Stalk Catnip Leaves and Flowers, Made in USA, 25g

$ 15.00

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All the benefits and enjoyment of farm-fresh natural catnip together with the convenience and nutrition preservation of freeze drying. By removing all the liquid without the need for heat, freeze drying is the perfect herb preservation technique.

  • 100% Natural: Our catnip is harvested and immediately freeze dried for ultimate freshness with no additives or fillers.
  • Whole stock with leaves and flowers: Our catnip is not ground and comes to you whole stock including flowers, direct from the field.
  • Freeze Dried: Freeze drying give your cat the closest possible experience to fresh from the farm.
  • Made in USA: Grown, freeze dried and packaged in Flowery Branch, Georgia, USA. Packaged in a 32 fluid ounce clear plastic jar.
  • Full Strength: 100% full strength, exactly as with fresh catnip. Includes all the essential oils and Nepetalactone of just picked.

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