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Welcome to Teas Unique.

We are Page and Jeanne Kaufman, owners of Teas Unique in Flowery Branch, Georgia, USA. We have been in the retail tea business since 2010. During that time we have come to appreciate the incomparable flavors, colors and aromas of the world’s finest orthodox, artisan, single estate and whole leaf teas. These are pure teas; the very essence of the beverage, hand plucked direct from the tender, bright green, spring growth of the camellia sinensus bush, and then minimally processed.

While a number of small importers of high quality Chinese and Japanese teas have made a positive and welcome impact on the quality of pure tea offerings available to North American tea drinkers, very few high quality teas from Korea are currently available outside Korea.

In 2015, we set out to make a difference in the North American tea market by launching the Teas Unique® brand of directly sourced, organic, artisan, single estate green teas from the four major tea growing regions of Korea. Our annual tea buying trips to Korea ensure that we can select the very best in Korean green teas for your enjoyment, from farmers we know and trust.

We import our teas directly from the growers in Korea and package them in the USA. Teas Unique is a USDA Organic Processor, certified by the Georgia Crop Improvement Association Organic Certification Program (GCIAOCP). Most of the teas we import, package and sell are certified USDA Organic or USDA 100% Organic.

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We are pleased to introduce the Matchacolate® brand of tea-flavored white chocolate products. Made exclusively by Teas Unique using our own powdered teas, we hope you enjoy these delicious, all natural, tea-flavored confections in six unique and memorable flavors. We think that the authentic tea flavors in these chocolates will surprise and delight you!

Thank you for visiting Teas Unique. We hope you will enjoy tasting some of our wonderful teas and chocolates. Let us know how we are doing. We appreciate your support and comments. Click here to contact us.

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