Freeze Dried Fermented Napa Cabbage Kimchi, Made in USA, 50g

$ 15.00

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The health benefits and spicy flavors of Korean kimchi together with the convenience and nutrition preservation of freeze drying. By removing all the liquid without the need for heat, freeze drying is the perfect food preservation technique.

  • Delicious and healthy freeze dried Korean fermented Napa cabbage with the convenience of long-term shelf-stable storage.
  • Freeze dried kimchi is light, airy and crunchy. It makes a delicious spicy and salty snack right out of the jar.
  • Perfect for adding to your favorite ramen noodles, soup, stir fry or any dish that needs a delicious kick! No need to rehydrate the kimchi, simply add dry to your favorite dish directly from the jar.
  • Easily rehydrate the entire jar by adding 2 cups of cool water and waiting 5 minutes. Instant kimchi!
  • Perfect for snacking, cooking and camping. Now you can always have kimchi ready and available on your shelf. No need to refrigerate!
  • Grown, processed and packaged in USA. Packaged in a 32 fluid ounce clear plastic jar.

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