Boseong Sejak (Second Pluck) Green Tea (보성세작녹차)

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Grade Sejak (Second Pluck) Jaksul (sparrow's beak) Nokcha (green tea)
Harvest Date Third week of April
Farm Location Unrim Village, Gyeombaek District, Boseong County, South Jeolla Province, Korea
Origin Single Estate
Harvest Method Hand Plucked Young Leaves
Processing Method Wilted, steamed, rolled and dried.  Lightly roasted prior to packaging.
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This Boseong Sejak green tea is hand harvested before Gookwoo (the first spring rain). The tender young leaves are then steamed to prevent any oxidation, thereby maintaining the distinctive color and taste of the early spring harvest.

Jaksul (sparrow's beak) refers to the shape of the iconic "bud and two leaves" found at the tip of spring growth on the camellia sinensus bush. The two spreading leaves resemble an open bird’s beak and the emerging bud looks like its tongue sticking out. Sejak means "small beak".

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