Hadong Mt. Jiri Jaksul Organic Green Tea, 25 Tea Bags (50g)

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This Mt. Jiri jaksul (sparrow's beak) nokcha (green tea) is a taste of early summer in your teacup. Hand plucking only the tender buds and leaves of April to mid May, the farmers then roast the buds and leaves to prevent any oxidation, thereby maintaining the delicate green color and subtle flavors and scents of the finest daejak tea.

  • Teas Unique® artisan whole leaf Korean hand plucked jaksul (sparrow’s beak) nokcha (green tea).
  • Hand harvested before mid-May (before Soman, plump grain season).
  • From a single estate in Hadong County, South Gyeongsang Province, Korea.
  • USDA Organic, prepared by wilting, roasting, rolling and drying.
  • Produce of Korea, packaged in USA. Naturally gluten free. Packed in 25 biodegradable pyramid tea bags (2g per bag) in a reresealable pouch.

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