2015 Jangheung Joongjak (Third Pluck) 100% Wild Grown Aged Cheong Tae Jeon Ddeok Cha Coin Tea, 3 Coins (18g)

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Grade Joongjak (Third Pluck)
Harvest Date May 2015 (This tea improves with age.)
Farm Location Jangheung County, South Jeolla Province, Korea
Organic No
Origin 100% Wild Grown from the mountains of Jangheung
Harvest Method Hand Plucked Young Leaves
Processing Method Hand rolled, steamed, molded and aged for over 2 years.
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This jaksul ("sparrow's beak") joongjak (third pluck) Cheong Tae Jeon (Coin Tea) was hand harvested from 100% wild-growing tea plants found in the forested mountains in Jangheung county, South Jeolla Province, Korea after Ipha (the first day of the summer season). The tender leaves are then hand processed -- wilted, oxidized, steamed, dried, molded and aged for over two years. It is also known as Ddeok (or Tteok) Cha because its shape resembles Korean rice cakes (ddeok). This tea improves with age. Three coins are packaged in a traditional Korean cloth coin purse.

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