Korean Premium Snack Food Assortments, Popular Sweet, Savory and Spicy Treats

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Teas Unique® premium Korean snack gift bags include a diverse choice of individually wrapped snacks from Lotte, Haitai, Nongshim, Orion, Paldo, Cosmos, Crown and more! You get everything shown in the photos and listed below. The sets include a large assortment of different sweet, savory and spicy snacks for your enjoyment.

All products are guaranteed fresh and exactly as shown in the photos and described in the list below. No substitutions! Each Set is shipped carefully boxed and includes a reusuable Teas Unique shopping bag and a special free gift from Korea, as well as a couple of Korean tea samples from Teas Unique.

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Reviewed by AlmondJoy4u (Feb 8, 2018)

Large Set J

Large Set J contains 17 different snacks (20 items total) with a total weight of 34 ounces.  See the list below for a complete description of each package contents.

Contents of Large Set J: Cosmos Spicy Hot Rice Ddok Boki Snacks (57g), Crown Couque D'Asse Cookies, Vienna Coffee (3x8g), Crown Heim Wafers, Choco Hazlenut (2x15g), CW Rice Cake Cookie, Chocolate (21g), CW Rice Cake Cookie, Cacao (21g), CW Barley Hardtack Crackers (75g), Lotte Custard Cream Cake, Original (23g), Lotte Mon Cher Cream Cake, Cacao (32g), Lotte Pepero Stick Biscuit, White Chocolate Cookie (32g), Lotte Sac Sac Orange Drink, Extra Pulp (238g), Nongshim Shrimp Crackers, Spicy (75g), Orion Choco Pie, Green Tea (37g), Orion Choco Pie, Original (39g), Orion Gosomi Sweet Toasted Crackers (40g), Orion Marine Boy Goraebap Crackers, Seaweed (40g), Wang Organic Roasted Peeled Chestnuts (60g). Wang Popped Rice Crackers Ssal Ro Ppung (110g)

Large Set K

Large Set K contains 17 different snacks (22 items total) with a total weight of 32 ounces.

Contents of Large Set K: Aone Dried Pollack Snack (23g), Cosmos Sweet Potato Chips (60g), Crown Couque D'Asse Cookies, White Tort (3x8g), Crown Heim Wafers, White Hazelnut (2x15g), Crown Poteau Sandwich Crackers, Cheese Tarte (23g), CW Rice Cake Cookie, Original (21g), Haitai Ace Crackers (121g), Lotte Choco Pie, Original (28g), Lotte Margaret Cookie, Peanut Butter (22g), Lotte Pepero Stick Biscuit, Original Chocolate (47g), Lotte Sac Sac Green Grape Drink, Extra Pulp (238g), Nongshim Cho Chung U-Gua Syrup Dipped Rice Snacks (80g), Nongshim Shrimp Crackers, Original (75g), Orion Choco Boy Chocolate Cookies (36g), Orion Choco Pie, Banana (37g), Pei Tien 12 Grain Crispy Rolls (3x10g), Yang Bang Seaweed Snacks (20g)

Mega Set L

Mega Set C contains 34 different snacks (42 items total) with a total weight of 66 ounces.

Contents of Mega Set L: Everything in Large Set J + Large Set K

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