Korean Jeju Island First Flush 2016 Organic Single Estate Whole Leaf Green Tea with Mandarin Orange

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Grade First Flush
Harvest Date During May 2016
Farm Location Mt. Halla, in Seongeup Village, Jeju Island, Korea
Organic USDA Organic
Origin Single Estate
Harvest Method Machine Harvested Young Leaves
Processing Method Hand Roasted and Blended with Jeju Island Mandarin Orange Skin
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This first flush (earliest spring growth) whole leaf green tea was machine harvested around Ipha (the first day of the summer season), then steam heated, rolled and dry roasted. Selecting only the bud and two leaves from the harvested material, this USDA certified organic tea is similar in quality to handpicked sejak (small beak) jaksul (sparrow’s beak) nokcha (green tea). Added to the processed green tea are dried organic Jeju Island mandarin orange skins, harvested the prior December. This single estate tea comes from the fertile volcanic soil of the cool eastern slope of Mt. Halla on Jeju Island, located off Korea’s southern coast.

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