2021 "Uji Moon" Premium Matcha

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Grade Tencha (Partially Shade Grown) Ichibancha (First Flush) of Camellia sinensus var. Yabukita (80%)
Harvest Date During May 2021
Farm Location Ujitawara, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
Organic No
Origin Blended from several Uji farms
Harvest Method Machine harvest
Processing Method Shade grown for 20 days prior to harvest, wilted, steamed, kneaded, sieved, cut, sorted, dried and stone milled.
Product Number OT31

This Matcha (powdered green tea) from Uji is a Tencha grade tea, made from leaves of the Gyokuro (“Jade Dew”) Sencha harvest, which is shaded for 20 days prior to harvest and is considered to be of the highest quality.

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