Boseong Jaksul Organic Yellow Tea in Tin, 25 Tea Bags (50g)

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This Boseong jaksul (sparrow's beak) hwangcha (yellow tea) is a taste of early spring in your teacup. Hand plucking only the tender first flush buds and leaves of early April, prior to Gukwoo (the first spring rain), the farmers then wilts, rolls, oxidizes and dries the tea.

  • Teas Unique artisan sejak (second hand pluck) whole leaf Korean jaksul (sparrow’s beak) hwangcha (yellow tea). Packed in 25 biodegradable pyramid tea bags (2g per bag) in a resealable pouch.
  • Hand harvested around April 15 (before Gukwoo, the first spring rain).
  • From a single estate in Unrim Village, Boseong County, Jeonnam Province, Korea.
  • USDA Organic, prepared by wilting, rolling, oxidizing and drying.
  • Produce of Korea, packaged in USA. Naturally gluten free.

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